Potential of online interventions

Some scientists believe that we are living in the last era before artificial general intelligence, with uncertain impact on humanity. It is true that the world is inevitably changing: the internet is maturing, software is getting smarter on the cloud, data is being collective. But before getting in the (far) future, we should use potential of existing information and communication technologies in finding solutions to nowadays problems and providing assistance for those in need. Online tools used in public health have no borders and can connect people worldwide

For Finnish NGOs social media is a key platform for interacting with media, decision makers, clients, and other stakeholders. NGOs actively coordinate their work and support each other in gaining social media visibility. Co-operation beats competition, by joining forces NGOs’ messages become stronger.
Finnish NGOs use different platforms effectively and find new ways to provide and promote interventions and influencing public opinion about the different aspects of drug phenomena. Not just technical details need to be considered: promoting youth prevention via social media is different from promoting interventions of very delicate nature – like grievance group for those who has lost a family member. Social media is about visibility but also privacy needs to be taken into account.